Welcome To Winsford Walled Garden.com

Welcome to my all new blog, Winsford Walled Garden.com where I invite you to join me on a journey of garden exploration.  So, why did I start this blog? Well I’m an absolute fanatic about my garden. I love to watch the flowers bloom, each in it’s own time. A garden is like a symphony that unfolds during the growing season.


In the spring we get our first color from the Irises, Crocus, Tulips and Daffodils, Next we are greeted by the Hyacinths, Muscari and Fritllaria.  As the summer approaches on we are greeted by Bluebells, Alliums and Ranunculus.  As we enter into the summer prime season we get Gladiolus, Bearded Iris and Early Lilies. I will admit that late summer and early fall are my favorite seasons to admire the garden. My garden absolutely bursts with Gladiolus and Liatris. Canna Lilly can be found thought the garden virtually running wild and Dahlias line the walk ways.


In this blog I’ll be sharing my special tips for keeping your garden blooming all year round, over the years I’ve discovered the melody in the garden, each color creates it’s own musical note of beauty. Though many years of trial and error I’ve found the varieties of flower that work best for me and was quick to kick out varieties that just didn’t produce and earn a spot in my garden.  I’ll also be sharing my tips for dealing with pesky threats from animals and insects, I decided long ago that I wanted to keep toxic chemicals out of my garden so I’ve found natural remedies that have been working for years.



Please book mark my blog and stop back regularly for my latest tips and tricks.

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