Vertical Blinds Are Best For Large Windows

Vertical blinds are best for large windows

Vertical blinds are normally composed of individual slats that clip on to a sliding track at the top and then joined together using weights and chain stabilizers at the foot of the bland. Each of the slats hang in a vertical fashion and the entire blind is operated using a chain or wand or a separate cord. The chain is used to tilt and turn the slats while the cord functions to open and close it. They come in a wide variety of colors, fabrics and patterns in order to fit different interiors and décor.

Vertical Blinds Are Best For

You can install vertical blinds in curved windows

Since vertical blinds are normally made up of individual slats, there is really no limit to how wide they can be made. They are used most ideally for large windows and patio doors that are simply too large for other blind types to accommodate.  However, that is not the limit of what vertical blinds are for. These blinds are quite perfect too for curved and square bay windows and other difficult spaces to cover including split drop and sloping windows.  The reason for their amazing versatility is the fact that the individual slats or louvers may be cut to different lengths so as to perfectly fit the pitch of your window.

Why Choose Them

Vertical blinds are available in a variety of colors and finishes

When it comes to benefits, there is no shortage with vertical blinds. However, let’s concentrate first on the wide range of special finishes and fabric types that make vertical blinds the obvious choice for any household. They are best used for kitchens and dining areas as there are flame retardant and wipe-able options including easy-to-clean, rigid PVC fabrics. They can be also used for bathrooms and wet rooms using moisture resistant styles as well as light reflective and glare reduction fabrics that are quite ideal for home offices and living spaces. There are also blackout fabrics suited for the bedroom as well.

Goodbye Squinting

Vertical blind provides adequate lighting inside the house during daytime

Have you watched your favorite TV show or movie, only to be bothered by the annoying glare of the sun on the screen? When you rad a book or magazine, do you need to put on a pair of sunglasses so that the pages are not so blinding to look at? If this is the case, vertical blinds are the best solution to protecting your eyes. With less eyestrain, you can experience lesser headaches and as a result feel more relaxed.

Best Furniture Protection

Vertical blinds protects your furniture  from UV exposure

After you’ve spent a king’s ransom for your sofas, tables, wallpaper and other home items, the last thing you want is for their natural luster to fade quicker. Over time, exposure to UV light can damage, warp or destroy different kinds of furniture. Do you really want to take that risk? According to vertical blinds repair experts, investing in good quality blinds can increase the longevity, protect your investment while at the same time enhance the look of your living area., family room or just about any room in your home. You will notice the difference when you see your precious wallpaper and furniture look fresher longer.

Cool During Summer

Vertical blinds can help cool down your homes during summer time

Like most folks, you really do not want to see your utility bills go sky high during the hot summer season. The good news is, a decent set of vertical blinds is all you need to keep your home cooler during the summer. As a matter of fact, it can reduce the amount of electricity you consume by as much as 20%. A darker room in the summer can feel cooler and more refreshing. You also do your share for the environment as you use vertical blinds more with lesser energy consumption.

Maintenance of Vertical Blinds

Have a certified vertical blinds installation and repair company install your vertical blinds

Since vertical blinds have sophisticated mechanisms, only allow certified vertical blind installation and repair companies to perform routine maintenance on your blinds. This will  not only ensure that you do not void your warranty but also let your blinds function more efficiently and last longer.

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