Recommended: 3 Things To Know About Growing And Buying Peonies

Peonies are one of the most beautiful and loveliest flowers in the world. In fact, peonies make you question about how this rare blend of fluff and beauty can take your breath away. In fact, if you want to buy and grow them, this article will provide tips to ensure the peonies bloom beautifully in your garden. It’s crucial to understand that you should not skip any tips so your peonies can flourish beautifully


Where to buy Peonies

You can buy peonies at any garden shops,  nurseries or online from growers like – Minnesota Grown Peonies For Sale. They are either sold as potted plants or root stocked which is by giving pieces of peony roots. Also, if you know someone who owns peonies, you can get it from them. What you just have to do is first, of course, ask nicely and second, dig up the roots and then divide them. It’s that easy!



Planting the Peonies

Now that you have the roots of the peonies, it’s time for you to learn the basics of planting and growing them. Here are the steps:

1. It is crucial that you have rich, fertile soil that drains well. With this soil, the peonies will grow correctly.

2. On the other hand, Peonies like sunny spots. Therefore, it’s best to plant them where they will receive plenty of sun to nourish.

3. The best time to plant peonies is in the fall, preferably in late September and October.

4. On the contrary, peonies do not grow too well during spring, and they will grow weak if they are planted during the spring.

5. It is recommended to space them out at least three to four feet apart so they get good air circulation.

6. For the peony plant to grow properly, you need to dig a large sized hole, at least two feet deep and two feet across.

7. If the or feels heavy to you, it is best to enrich it with compost.

8. Remember to back fill the hole and make sure the soil does not settle and bury the root deeper than 2 inches. Your peony root will not have a chance to grow properly.

9. Protect and provide them shelter from high winds.

10. Lastly, make sure you plant them away from trees or plants, as they don’t like to compete for food.


Caring for Peonies

growing-and-buying-peonies Like most plants, do not neglect your peonies. It is crucial to understand that peonies take the time to grow. You need to be patient and let them establish themselves in the soil so they can grow and bloom beautifully:

1. Peonies are known to have weak stem structure. Therefore, it is recommended to get three-legged metal rings that will allow the plant to grow stronger through the center of rings.

2. If you see ants crawling on your peony buds, do not kill them. They are there to help you nurture your peonies to bloom.

3. Do not use fertilizer while they are growing. It is better to fertilize your soil before you plant them.

4. Lastly, water thoroughly and regularly.

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