How to grow Cucumbers at home using hydroponics

During the winter, you might want some fresh greens, fragrant berries, fruits and vegetables.A Hydroponic garden is a must like the one we found on It would be desirable, but the hand unconsciously puts back the packet just taken with the Turkish tomatoes and cucumbers … Do you know how easy it easy to grow?, asked our mate John Mullins. With a hydroponic garden and an LED light you can grow cucumber and any type of veg at home for less than $200.


And imagine: both cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, and greens in the midst of winter, you yourself can grow, without leaving home – on their two or three windowsills according to Gardening Leave! And along the way, to create a summer garden landscape right in your apartment. No, no, no jokes, if you decide today, and tomorrow you go to the store for seeds, then on March 8 you can have the first cucumbers on the bushes, and the grown shrubs of tomatoes, peppers and beans will make your window sill green and joyful in summer !!


And let us convince you that it’s interesting, exciting, important, you need and it’s quite easy! We can grow cucumbers, tomatoes, sweet and bitter peppers, carrots, beans, garlic, celery, greens … oh, how many things!


Well, let’s do it in order?



Grow cucumbers at home – the idea is very tempting and again you need a hydroponic system. Just imagine: wake up in the middle of March, go to the window, tear off a couple of young cucumbers from a green bush, and five minutes later on the table – a useful vegetable salad … And what a smell the whole apartment!


If you now flashed the thought: “Or maybe I should try?” – here are a few arguments that will help determine:
Cucumbers grow very quickly: just 7-9 weeks after planting, you can cut a salad of your greens!

Growing cucumbers at home is quite possible not only for the summer owner, who has already “eaten a dog” in vegetable growing, but even the inexperienced in this matter to the city dweller.


And the control shot: you just imagine to what delight the friends, colleagues and neighbors will bring young cucumbers on your windowsill! You will become an object of ah and oh for a long time))

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