Best Vegetables to grow using indoor gardening methods

Red tomato – the vegetable is clearly not winter and not spring. Therefore, fresh tomatoes from their garden in April and May – this is an indescribable pleasure (and pride in our own indoor gardening system!).


Many do not dare to grow tomatoes in the apartment, being afraid that they will not get it. And you know, red-dotted bushes on the windowsill are only at first glance “terrifying as difficult.” Anyone can grow tomatoes at home. Grow almost all in their apartments flowers, but this process is no less complicated 🙂

Sweet pepper (Bulgarian)

This southern juicy vegetable quite goes to “domestication”, it is unpretentious, beautiful and very useful. Although you will have to be patient – the first sweet peppers you will be able to try only after 5-6 months after emergence.


Bitter Pepper
I think that lovers of bitter pepper will never give up the opportunity to always have a bush with burning spiky fruits at hand … for them any dish with a spicy pepper becomes immeasurably tastier))


Grow beans on the windowsill by each. Moreover, it is unpretentious, rises and grows quickly, does not require special care. This self-pollinating plant; in a month and a half it already blossoms, and after two you will shoot young pods. They are unusually tasty in vegetable stews, soups, in omelets and simply stewed.


Have you ever heard that carrots are grown on a windowsill? In a simple flower pot or container, you can get a very decent harvest. Most varieties will start collecting fresh carrots already 3.5 months after planting: when the main part of the summer residents begins to sow carrots, you will already have it!



The more snow outside the window, the whiter the landscapes, the more we miss the bright colors of the past summer, the fresh biting sound of a stream from a hose, the whisper of grasses – through our summer cottage. Hands long have become bored on the ground, and to favorite beds oh, for how long …

But in our power to regain a piece of summer and our summer house. For this there is everything – a desire and … a window sill! Let me remind myself once again: if we start right now, by March 8 we can already have our own harvests! Let’s start?