About Your Southern Living Magazine Subscription

Southern Living Magazine was first published in 1966 and is now one of the best selling magazines in the Southern. It basically expounds on the beauty of that region and its customs. It writes about the following topics: Travel, Food, Home & Garden and Style/ Beauty. Its main aim since inception is to acknowledge the best their Southern land harbors. Following the growth of the magazine in the region, they now share their work in websites, videos, social sites, cookbooks other than the magazines. It is a lifestyle magazine that has the best in terms of information and updates.

Outlined below are the fields that the magazine specializes in:


When it comes to cooking, Southern Living magazine does it better. It has even come up with an occasional cook book called Annual Recipes that is published annually. This ritual sprang in 1979 to date.

Home & Garden

This part of the magazine offers you with the best of home decor. It has the best house plans and has even sold out magnificent homes with unique designs. Theirs are authentic and crafty oriented at friendly and reasonable prices. They have all types of houses to suit various classes of families and it is all on you to pick your favorite.


Do you wish to travel around and haven’t any clue of where to go? Do you wish to visit the Southern? Well, you are in for the best guide and tip to make your holiday worthwhile. In no time, you will be fully convinced to hit the road towards the Southern. Through our magazine, you wouldn’t feel lost cruising through our suggested destination since all vital information is included in the magazine. The magazine also enlists the hotels nearby to spend a night or an eatery joint for refreshments.


A girl should always look pretty with the right makeup on. The editors work round the clock to see to it that their clients get fully informed about what’s trending in fashion and beauty. From the best makeup to the fashionable wear, the Southern Living magazine has got you on the side of fashion and beauty tips. The female gender is always attached to beauty and clothes which are why you should get yourself a copy of this article and it could turn your life the other way round. Perhaps this could be the reason the Southern women are glamorous.

In conclusion

The Southern Living magazine has, over the years, done great work in delivering to its reader’s informative and educative content on the above topics- style, food, fashion and travel. If you’re looking for the best price on a Southern Living subscription make sure you first check out a magazine subscription site like Magazine Kid, they hunt down all the prices and coupons to make sure you get the best price.